2,000 LitreStainless Steel Contra Rotating Jacketed Tank

Condition: Used

Dimensions: 1650mm id x 2600mm overall height

Capacity: 2,000 litres


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1 no, 2,000 litre Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank with scraped surface and contra-rotating mixer,

Vertical, hemispherical base and dished bolted top.  Supported on 4 x steel legs

Dimesnions 1650mm id x 2600mm overall height

Design code BS5500 Cat 3, vessl design pressure 1.1 bar/FV. jacket design pressure 3.3bar/FV, design temperature 147 deg C, Test pressure of vessel 3.3 bar, test pressure of jacket 5.26bar.

The contra-rotating mixer is driven by a variable speed 1.1/5.5kw electric motor

The tank is steam jacketed and insulated in stainless steel

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