18,000 Litre Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel

18,000 Litre
Dimensions 5600mm overall height, 2800mm overall width,


3 x Used 18,000 Litre Jacketed Mixing Tank, manufactured by Diesenvale Eng. Co. Ltd, 1998. Material of construction 316L stainless steel. Orientation vertical, cylindrical, coned bottom and bottom. Vessel is supported on 4 stainless steel legs with load cells. Dimensions 5600mm overall height, 2800mm overall width, 2750mm internal diameter, 3140mm on the straight. RJT type connections (4) 76mm top inlets, (1) 200 top inlet, (1) 500mm top man way, (1) 300mm top vent, (1) 100mm bottom outlet. Design code GEP, vessel design pressure 15mbar, jacket design pressure is 45 psi, design temperature is 100 degC.

2 x Tanks are fitted with top centre mounted twin shaft 4 blade turbine agitators, powered by a 5.5kw electric motor and driven by a Radicon gearbox. Previously used in the food and beverage industry.

1 x has no mixer.

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