4,700 LitreStainless Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank

1 no. used 4,700 litres stainless steel jacketed mixing tank
1600mm id, 1800mm overall diameter 2100mm on straight

G IND Mixer

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1 off 4,700 Litre Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank.
Orientation vertical, cylindrical, flat top, dished bottom. Supported on 4 x steel legs.
Dimensions 1600mm id, 2100mm on the straight, 1800mm overall diameter
Jacket Working pressure 40psi.
Tank is fitted with a top mounted Greaves High shear mixer powered by a 5.5kw Brook Crompton Electric Motor.
Tank if fitted with a top mounted twin flighted turbine agitator powered by a 7.5kw Brook Crompton Electric Motor.
G IND Mixer

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