200 Litre Jacketed Mixing Vessel


1 x 200 litre jacketed mixing vessel, built by Nicro, 2017, 316L stainless steel

Dimensions 1660mm H, 950mm overall width,

700mm internal diameter, 650mm on straight,

125mm dished ends


6 x 25mm top inlets

1 x 38mm top inlet

1 x 76mm top inlet

1 x 76mm inlet with spray ball head

1 x 101mm top inlet

1 x top sight glass

1 x 25mm bottom jacket connection

1 x 25mm side jacket connection

Vessel is fitted with a top mounted scraped wall agitator driven by a 1.5 kw electric motor with PFTE scraper blade and a bottom mounted homogeniser mixer powered by a 5.5kw Electric Motor.

Design data

Vessel Design pressure -1/4bar

Jacket design pressure ATM/4bar

Test pressure 6 bar

Design temp -10/150degC

Compete with stainless steel stand 740mm h x 750mm w x 820mm L, with 4 x load cells.